Hiring your Photographer

Nervous about hiring your photographer?

Wondering what to ask to make sure they’re right for you?

Here is a list of  top 10 questions we feel are important to ask when hiring your wedding photographer.  We have compiled this list from questions we get asked oh so often. Your photographer should at least meet, if not succeed these listed below. Wedding Photography is not an easy task. Requardless if you hire Our Day Wedding Photography or another photographer, these should help you find the right photographer for your event

1. What is your primary style?

This should be your primary question. You usually have this nailed down by viewing websites or being able to see them in action at a wedding you’ve attended. Our Day Wedding Photography is journalistic storytelling with vivid color, sharp details, and a unique way of blending natural light with artificial lighting.

 2. How many Weddings have you done, any like my Wedding?

This is a great question to ask. It’s usually not a good idea to base your choice on years alone. They could have been a photographer for more than 15 years, but only shot weddings part time or only 5 a year. Wedding photographers are a different breed. The demands a wedding can throw at a photographer can very easily exceed their expertise. Our Day Wedding Photography has shot over 100 weddings and we do not book more than one wedding on the same day. As our wedded couple, you have our full attention on your special day.

3. Will you be shooting my wedding?

This is the most important question on the list. You want to make sure you’re getting the photographer you speak with. Some photography studios have a group they pool from. You may walk into John Doe photography and speak with John Doe, you think John Doe is covering your wedding, to only be introduced to another photographer the day of your engagement or wedding. Our Day Wedding Photography, we are the owners and photographers. You will have our team at your wedding for the entire time.

4. How many events will you be shooting the same day as my wedding?

This is another important one. You do not want a time restricted photographer shooting you’re wedding. 95% of weddings start late. You’re thinking ” Not Mine ”  but in reality you want to allow some wiggle room. If you have a photographer that has another event scheduled they are going to be antsy and somewhat annoyed to get you done as fast as they can. Our Day Wedding Photographer does not book other events on your wedding day. You have our teams attention the entire day.  We are with you from the time you put on make up, to the time you exit your reception.

5. What happens if photographer has a circumstance beyond their control and can’t perform your wedding?

This is another important one. Things happen…You want to make sure that you are covered in case of any circumstance. Our Day Wedding Photography has a team of photographers with similar styles that are very capable of handling your wedding. In this case you are notified and given the option to meet with photographer filling in.

6. Will we have a contract, if so do I receive a copy?

Some photographers do not provide a contract. Request one… Its for your protection as well as the photographers.  You want to have a detailed contract that not only gives information about your wedding day, but will also give you a reference to what you will receive when its all over. Our Day Wedding Photography always draws up a contract and both parties receive a copy of said contract.

7. Do you have insurance?

This is very important. 90% of venues request insurance, as well as riders from majority of your vendors for your wedding. Our Day Wedding Photography carries all the required insurance per business license, as well as what is required by most of the venues.

8. Will you color correct my images or do they come right out of camera?

This is very important. Be sure to ask this. Most photographers that give all images on disc are giving you images straight of camera. You get them and they look nothing like what was shown to you in studio or online. Then they will require additional charge to edit 10 images of your choice. Our Day Wedding Photography edits every single image in your portfolio. The only time you will see one without correction is if we’re showing you on our cameras during your wedding or engagement. We are Adobe Master editors. We do color correction, mild blemish and skin retouches, unwanted items in picture removed.

 9. What attire will you, as well as, your assistants wear for my wedding?

This is important too. Be sure to ask what the photographer and assistants will be wearing during your wedding day. We have heard some horror stories of jeans and T-shirts being worn to cover your wedding. Nothing stands out worse. Our Day Wedding Photography will be dressed appropriately.  Our team will be dressed as follows, women wear pant suit or dress, men wear slacks with shirt and tie. Colors are usually black. Mens ties are usually matched to your wedding colors.

10. How long after my wedding until I see photos?

This is important. Photography studios vary in the time they take to produce images. Some studios that do not do any post production or color correction will try to entice you by stating  delivery is next day or within a week. However, studios that develop or produce their images will take from 1 week to 6 months. Our Day Wedding Photography has developed a consistent production process that allows us to produce amazing images within a timely manner. Below is an accurate time frame you can expect with the delivery of your images.

  • 1-2 weeks after event — social media teasers and online portfolio started for you to view and download
  • 2-5 weeks after event — Images are available in online gallery, portfolio is complete images are able to be downloaded
  • Flash drive and album deliveries are usually within those first 5 weeks. Some have taken longer due to procrastination on the selection of images from the wedded couple.

We hope this helps you gets you going in the right direction with hiring you wedding photographer. It is a overwhelming process and with so many photographers popping up, You want to be sure you’re hiring a qualified professional to handle the beast that is Wedding Photography.